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Electronic Repair

RepairAt Pegasus Entertainment we service what we sell, and we service what you have. Our skilled technicians can repair all of your gear down to the component level including: smoke machines, laser systems, moving lights, lighting controllers and dimmers, audio mixers, amplifiers, turntables, CD players, power supplies, speakers, microphones, wireless devices, followspots, keyboards, projectors, plasma TVs, video gear, fixtures, duplicators, and so much more.

Pegasus now does all speaker re-coning in house to avoid costly delays to our valued customers.

An initial bench charge of $30.00 (one of the lowest rates in the industry) is required for all repairs, and is for the initial inspection, however; will be applied to the final repair invoice.

  • Our repair service labor rate is $65.00/hour.
  • Our repair department is open for consultation from 10 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday
  • Items may be dropped off or picked up during our normal business hours.