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Rigging Inspection

Common rigging questions:

When should I have our rigging inspected?

OSHA 1926.550(a) (6), and many state codes require that all hoisting equipment be inspected on an annual basis. Don’t wait until an accident occurs or someone is hurt to have the required inspection done. Reduce your liability and protect your investment while insuring the safety of your staff, performers and audience by scheduling an annual inspection today.

What does an inspection encompass?

The ETCP certified rigger will lead a hands-on visual evaluation of all steel rigging components, cables, ropes, counterweight system, curtain tracks,, tracks, motors, fire curtains, and other related rigging equipment. We will follow up within thirty days with a written report which will clearly identify any problems and outline our recommendations to correct them.

What is the inspection process?

Upon contacting Pegasus, we will have a brief phone conversation to judge the scope of rigging at your facility, and then send you a questionnaire relating to the type of venue and rigging. Following the receipt of the questionnaire the inspector will require quiet and unrestricted access for 5-8 hours.

Within thirty days, our written report along with photo documentation will be issued to the person commissioning the inspection.

What are the inspection guidelines?

We utilize manufacturer specifications, ETCP recognized industry standards, and common sense in our safety focused approach to your rigging inspection.

What is the cost for an inspection?

The average inspection costs around 1500.00 plus travel costs depending on the scope of the inspection and the size of staff needed to perform it.